Tuesday, August 18, 2009


We are back from Milan! Well, I'm back here and as of 5am Boyfriend was off to Luxembourg again for the week. Thankfully he's cool about not being too absent, and though his work does pay for him to stay in Luxo. if he wants all week, he drives his butt home and then back again the next morning at the midpoint of the week so we can feel like we aren't still living in other countries all far apart and stuff. Because you know, for the last three weeks, we kind of *have* been living in other countries, and we are wayyy too familiar with how fun that is.  Thankfully this is the "last week" of the Luxembourg project. The original plans for the job were for the installations of all the new automation to take place over these three weeks, however there have been problems on-site, namely that the site itself is running behind in terms of being ready for the installations they asked for. As of today they still aren't ready. This means that for most of the past two weeks, there was no real need for Boyfriend to be working there, and it also means that at some point in the future whenever these dinks are finally ready, he'll likely be sent back there. *shakes fist* (Dinks.)

And now a few photos of Milan. By the way, if you ever want to see Milan without all the Milanese, go for August 15th-ish. This is the time when pretty much everyone in Milan takes off for a little vacation time, and almost everything is closed. Very peaceful, if not a little boring at times. But we had a good little city trip, and definitely enjoyed the 30-something degree heat.

The Duomo.

La Scala.
I was seriously underwhelmed by this well known Opera House.

Me in Il Castello

Story of the weekend: Boyfriend bought sunglasses. They are the first pair of sunglasses he's ever really put a slightly larger amount of money down on, but finding frames and lenses that look good on his long narrow face is a challenge. When we saw these I told him they were the nicest looking pair I'd seen on him out of all the pairs he'd tried on in front of me over the past more than 1.5 years that he's been looking. The price was seriously decent too, which made these a must-buy in my opinion since it might have taken him another 1.5 years to find a similarly ok looking pair. After buying them, he spent an oddly large amount of time obsessing over them and experiencing bouts of doubt and indignation as a result of his purchase... He was convinced they were not sitting straight on his face (which he knows is not the most symmetrical face in the universe.) The amount of concern and time he spent on this (and on repeatedly trying to talk to me about it) was downright bizarre.  All day, right up to the point where we were about to go to bed, (he bought them in the morning,) he wanted to talk about this.  During the course of the day he must have tried to discuss the glasses at *least* 5 times (I'm being nice because it was probably more like TEN times.) Each time nothing new came of the talk either... it was an entirely circular conversation. So. WEIRD.

In his defense, Boyfriend did not smoke at all this weekend, and I'm seriously proud and happy that he managed to do it. I'm going to chalk the very bizarre merry-go-round of conversations we had about his glasses up to him feeling a little out of sorts from the nicotine withdrawal.

Now bedtime for me. First day of work is tomorrow!

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