Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Waffling along.

I'm supposed go to see waffle-guy at 8am on Friday morning for an interview. It's in Verviers which means I get on a bus here at 5:18am and try to find my way to a place I'm entirely unfamiliar with. If it works out, then I guess I'm making waffles for awhile to replenish my financial stocks, but really I can't see that being a great thing... working full time and spending 2 hours each way on transit, meaning I'm home for all of 2 hours during the day before bedtime to do it all again. It's not really what I want; to have most of my life consumed by waffles and bleary-eyed-bus-trips.  If I have to, then I will.

But I'm still looking.


Look at me go.

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