Tuesday, July 7, 2009

How long can you hold your breath for?

Submitted my CV and cover letter to the people I would like most to work for in Belgium today. Hopefully I'll at least hear something, even if it's "hahahaaa, silly CANADIAN!"

Am almost done registering with all the interim agencies in Liège (14 so far,) after hitting up the Boulevard de la Sauvenière again on Monday. I think there are 3 or 4 more, and I'll try to get 'em tomorrow. The crap bit of it all is that in Belgium, students jobs are subsidized by the government. This means that it's a significant bargain for the employer to hire a student when they can, and right now... well, there are zillions of students wanting jobs. All the guys I've spoken with in the agencies have told me that I have two disadvantages on my side and one advantage. Disadvantages = I'm only here for a year, and I'm up against the students right now, which makes me a significantly less appealing investment for an employer to make. Advantage = I have patisserie and chocolate skills and experience, and there are not enough people to fill the need. Basically I've been told that if I can wait until September... maybe I'll find something then. What fun. Because, yeah, employers are going to feel so much better about hiring me if I can only hang around for 6 months.

As for the rest, I'm feeling very tired. A bit like a hamster with blisters who's trying to keep walking on what seems like a treadmill that goes nowhere.

I'm keeping my distance a bit from people for the moment, as dealing with their drama (and their beer,) is really very draining. I just don't have the energy to humour them listen intently and try to decipher what they are saying to me, and just trying to keep my momentum and motivation is challenging some days when life requires so much frikkin' pushing, all the time. So, I'm saving my energy for that..survival mode I guess.

Incidentally, I'm down to my last 100 Euro of the funds I set aside for trying to do this thing... If I manage to finish that off, I suppose that would be the time I should be looking at getting a plane ticket and heading home with a big imaginary red letter "L" blinking on my forehead and a "FAIL" stamp in my passport. :(

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