Monday, July 27, 2009

It's oh so quiet, shhhhh, shhhhh...

Ooh, a pretty new picture for my blog header. Seems to celebrate the country where I rest my head at night, no? Well, I'm still heresick, but I was also getting tired of my poppy picture. I don't know how long this flag and clouds will hang around, but who knows, maybe something less gloomy than a dirty street-poppy and candy wrapper will bring me a little brightness in life? One could hope, right?

News: it is tolerated in the food industry for a jour d'essaye to be unpaid, though technically this is not 'supposed to' happen anymore. The "jour" should in fact only last about 4 hours at most. It still feels odd though, considering they have a 'period d'essaye' here, similar to our probationary period in Ontario where your employer can let you go quite easily if they feel it's not working during the first 3 months of employment.

In other news: mussels are officially blacklisted, probably forever. I had them again for dinner the other night, and very quickly felt ill. Different brand, different cook, different frites and sauces accompanying them. Almost the same reaction.

Boyfriend is in Luxembourg until Wednesday night, working on the installation of a few of the projects he's been toiling away at for the past 6 months. It's a huge manufacturer that his company has been updating all the automated processes for. He'll be there a lot over the next 3 weeks with a night or two at home here and there. I have a foggy recollection of him sweetly kissing me goodbye this morning at 5am when he had to leave, talking to me a little, and asking me if I was feeling better (the mussels). Of course, I miss him, and it's weird not having him around, so today it's me trying to switch modes to get into another gear and at least take advantage of the alone time to take care of some antisocial activities (studying and extra job-hunting stuff, among others.)

Part of me is worried about this time apart falling so close to a time where it seems we've been making a bit of headway with talking about our relationship and trying to improve our methods of dealing with ourselves and each other. The difficulty is certainly not one of love between us, but of communication, and that takes practice at developing better habits without slipping back into bad ones. I worry that three weeks with each of us on our own, functioning more in 'solo mode' at a time like this might not be terribly great for that.

But... sitting at my keyboard and procrastinating in my sluggish, shellfish-poisoned state isn't really going to help, so I'm off to trryyyy and make a little progress now.

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