Thursday, July 2, 2009

3 months...

This morning I heard back from ING. I have a bank account! Yes! Of course I don't know my account number yet since I'll have to go into the branch and sign my contract and such, and I won't have a bank-card probably for another 2 weeks, but yay! It only took 3 months to have the basic things necessary to feel like a REAL PERSON who could possibly FUNCTION in society! (Note: it took us about 24 hours to get a social insurance number and bank account sorted out for Boyfriend in Canada.  I think we handled all that stuff on his 3rd day in the country.)

This week I've made my attack on the Boulevard de Sauvenière, which is where all the HR agencies and interim agencies are in Liège. Very convenient that they are pretty much all in one place, since you just walk down the street, and pop into the ones that are open along the way. I've registered myself with 9 of them so far, and there are still more to hit up! It's been very good practice for my French, and I have to say that each day I've felt more confident speaking about myself and what I'm able to do. Today there was a glimmer of hope as well that despite the incredibly dead job-market right now (result of the financial crisis,) I may POSSIBLY (possibly) end up in an interview for a choco-job. So say a little prayer to whatever forces you believe in that I get this chance, ok? Because THAT would be awesomeness on top of of a layer of HELLS YES, surrounded in goodness. Of course, for me to have any job would certainly be good, so you know... you could tell the forces you believe in that, too.

To finish my day of hunting in the 30 degree heat, (who knew Belgium had heat waves?) I ended up in FNAC hoping to find something interesting in their culinary section. To my surprise they had the Cordon Bleu Petit Larousse du Chocolat, and the Petit Larousse des desserts! Neither of these books is actually petite, (around 400 and 1000 pages respectively,) and I had been hoping to check out the chocolate one for awhile. In fact, it was as though since the last time I'd stopped into FNAC they had stocked up on the kind of resources I'd been hoping to find, and so I ended up spending a good amount of time there deciding between good books! I'm very happy with what I walked out with though, and to put the cherry on top of my finds, it turned out the remaining balance on my FNAC gift-card (birthday present from Boyfriend) covered all but one Euro of my purchases. Heureuse!

And now... I have to go drink water because my brain has just stalled in a somewhat dehydrated raisin-like state. I really am not joking about the heat wave.

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