Tuesday, June 16, 2009

"What's my motivation?"

This is the second time I've tried to write an entry today.  I'm just not feeling it, but I figure an update is needed, so I'm giving it another go.

Stuff I'm up to: Since I received my ID card I've taken a pause from the TEFL stuff in order to get my job-hunt materials significantly more in order. Today I'm working on the skeleton for my letter(s) of motivation and after making sure with Boyfriend tonight that the skeleton is both correct and suitable, I'll be able to tweak the structure to tailor it to the jobs I'll be applying for.

My CV has been translated, edited, and reformatted. I'll make one more change to the format for greater clarity, and then tadaaa, my general CV will be done. After the general one is done I'll be able to use it to create spin-off CVs which I'll use to apply for work in the language and food-industries, both of which will emphasize my skills in those sectors.

It's been both interesting and frustrating to learn how the process of applying for a job and the expectations of employers can be so different structurally between two occidental countries. My CV always served me very well in Canada, but here it was like a serious renovation, to get it ready for the Belgian market. Like everything else, making the changes needed to these documents has taken longer than I'd have liked, but I know I'm also very good at putting pressure on myself... I always seem to want to run before I've even figured out how to walk.


About running... I haven't been for the last week. I sprained my ankle, AGAIN...this time walking home from the grocery store. After the last sprain and about two and a half weeks of recovery with yoga during the last week, I was back to running 10k once a week on the nice *flat* track at the University of Liège while Boyfriend played his squash match. I think I had three good weeks, and then a crooked cobblestone got me. A friend of mine who spent some time in the UK calls them hobblestones.  Now that I've got a little personal experience with them, I think that's a pretty good name for them!  It's been about a week of rest (again) at this point, and today will be my first go at yoga (again) to see how the ankle is doing. It sucks because the sprain wasn't so bad this time, but since the last sprain happened so recently the soft tissue in my ankle decided to be extra reactionary about it so I've had to baby it. : /

*Sigh,* that's as far as it goes today folks. There's other stuff to tell you about like our daytrips in Brussels and Oostende this past weekend, and photos to post, but I'm outta steam for now and ought to get back to finishing that letter of motivation.   À la prochaine.

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