Wednesday, June 17, 2009

microwaved legs and other random bits

I couldn't figure it out for awhile.. there was this funny place on my left thigh where I had a bruise. At first I thought I'd bumped into a table corner or something clutzy like this, but it stayed and it was more like a 'faint, deep tissue' bruise. This morning in the shower it all came together when I noticed the bruise was still there. I've had this almost invisible bruise for 2 months... and I've had my laptop on my lap for several several several hours a day for the past 2 months. And the battery in my laptop gets hotter on the left side. I've been nuking my leg, ladies and gentlemen. EMF radiation, in daily doses. They just *shouldn't* call these things LAPtops.

So, now I'm hunched over a non-ergonomic coffee table on the non-ergonomic couch, but at least I can sort of alternate between these problems; find multiple different non-ergonomic places to hunch or carpal tunnel in, you know...vary the damage. Crosstraining, really.

Stuff on tap for today: French chocolate vocabulary. Last night we made a mission to the FNAC (a book/music store,) after Boyfriend got home because I was hoping to find at least one decent book on chocolate in order to quickly scoop up all the French vocab. for the tools and tricks and tastes I already can speak about for days in English. I don't want to stammer like an idiot should I score an interview for a position working in chocolate, so il faut que j'apprendre. (I gotta get my learn on.) Not. one. book. They were all books on making chocolate MUFFINS or things very very beginner. No talk of tempering, beta-crystals, infusions... (!) There was ONE book which was Pierre Hermé's #10, 130€, and a book like that's not, ahem, in my budget for the moment.  So, it was a bust. We'll try again maybe tonight at another bookstore, but in the meantime today I'll scope out the interwebz a bit to see if there is a decent source for this info online. I'm pretty tired of sitting in front of my leg-irradiator so often though, which is why I'd thought a book would be nice.

When I met Boyfriend's Uncle and Grandma the other night, his Uncle told me that French should be easy because it was definitely the most logical language, ever. Because Descartes practically invented it, and everyone knows Descartes was the most logical man to walk this Earth. He invented logic. Oh my. Biting my tongue on that one was a challenge. Oh yes, and he said that teaching English should be easy because after all, English only has 3 tenses. After having just finished studying this, both Boyfriend and I had to call bullshit on that one, and we explained that English in fact, has about the same number of tenses as French, and that we even use some of the ones the French have let go by the wayside, such as past simple (which the French now only use in literature, but rarely use when speaking.)

Other than that, the meeting went well, and my French brain was working well so supposedly my conversational ability was impressive.   I've now met boyfriend's Sister, both Grandmas, his Uncles, Dad, Mom, along with his Dad's 2nd Wife, associated Step and Half-Brothers and Sisters, his Mom's Boyfriend, and a Cousine (female cousin.) I think there is one Aunt to go and that'll pretty much cover all the immediates.

I also remembered in the shower this morning that when the guy came to do maintenance on the heating system here the other day he showed me what was up with our furnace and explained he'd have to come back to finish the maintenance after getting a needed part (we had some broken and badly corroded electrical connections, saw 'em myself,) and that until then we'd be without heat. It's been ok because we've been in the 20's outside this week, but I haven't heard yet about when he's coming back and this weekend it's only going to be 15 during the day.  I'm going to die.  Or make myself a blanket-fort to study in until the heat is fixed.

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