Sunday, June 28, 2009

I was wrong-ish.

I didn't lie, but it just didn't turn out the way I thought it would. I suppose the job stuff momentum was rolling along and just kept rolling. I ended up finishing my CV stuff, and now both my English one and my French one look the same, and are all harmonized and wickedly translated mirror-versions of each other. They look good, and represent me as best as I think they could while respecting the parameters of job-market-document-stuff in Belgium. No more editing them or worrying over them required. Yeeeeaaah. :)

And we are going to Milan in August. The travel-gods completely smiled on us... like conspiratorially smiled on us, ridiculously so much so that if I told you how much it's costing you'd hate me. Just think of it as a dinner out at a nice restaurant... except it's not because it's a trip to Milan including both of our flights and our room in a non-crappy hotel(!!!) Travel is sometimes illogically and ridiculously cheap in Europe, and that absolutely rocks when deals work out for you like this one. SCORE! Ok, enough gloating.

It's been a wicked weekend, and I can only hope that fate keeps smiling on us for a few days more. *crosses fingers*

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