Thursday, May 14, 2009

plus ou moins...

Today was another adventure in administration.  I had to go to city hall in order to hand over 4 more photos of myself (though I was told to bring 5,) and to sign in 4 places.  That was it.  Now, I get to wait (again) for something to show up in the mail in (plus ou moins) 3 weeks.  After that I can go back to city hall (again) and finally I should have my identity card.  I know, exciting stuff.

TEFL training is going well.  I'm just waiting for my most recently completed unit to come back to me today with marks and comments, and then I'll be diving into the next unit.  I should certainly be done before I have my ID card, which works out well because the whole job-search thing should be a little simpler that way.  And even better, I'm enjoying learning about this!

Frenchy-French-french:  It gets better little by little, and I catch myself now and then realizing something that I used to have trouble with, I no longer do.  Actually I should go and attack my French studies after this while I'm waiting for the TEFL stuff to come back.

I sprained my ankle somehow a couple of weeks back.  I think it happened while I was out running, either a root in the forest got me, or a sidewalk-cobblestone.  I didn't realize it at the time and later noticed when it felt funny that it was swollen.  It's had a good 2 weeks rest, and I've been going a little stir crazy between the near-zero physical activity for the first week, and the hours of studying with my butt planted on the couch over the past two weeks.  This week has been better, as I brought yoga back into the mix, and though earlier in the week wide-leg stances felt weak on that ankle, yesterday they felt much more stable.  To celebrate I'll be taking myself to get some new off-road runners shortly.  Even when you are running on the sidewalks here it might as well be considered "off-road", what with the uneven nature of the stones.

This weekend should be a good one for Boyfriend and I, with a little needed escape from the grind and some quality relaxation time.  After 2 weeks of spending most of our time apart while he was teaching a course in Tournai and while I was studying my butt off, we're off this weekend to Spa to soak in the thermes (hotsprings) and to take in an exhibition of DaVinci's works relating to water.  It is rare for me to look forward to having anything to do with post-soak pruney fingers and toes, but this time I am, all 40 of 'em. :)

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