Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ever feel you've been forgotten about in the waiting room?

As I am now two days away from the one month mark I feel it is safe to say that I will not receive a translated copy of that letter from the Consulate in Montreal.  I made a request to my official contact there explaining that the only thing that gives the letter any bearing is that it's on official paper, though people can't read it since it's in English.  It's a bit much, to ask people to trust my word as I explain what this official paper says.

So no translation from the Consulate (no response in fact, actually,) means that I won't really have a means of convincing anyone (like a prospective employer) that I belong here until I have my identity card.  I can't even open a bank account until then.  The *next* step (nobody knows if it will be the final step) in that wonderful process is on May 14th, when I go back to the same office I was in before, hand over 5 more photos of myself, and maybe... (but probably not) walk out with an official identity and address?  Until then it's just watch and wait and try not to drive myself crazy while I keep myself occupied with productive activities like physio for my shoulder, and TEFL certification stuff, and resume translation and reformatting, and... yeah.  I'm still kind of driving myself crazy while I do these things.

I can only hope really that all this waiting will end soon.  Belgians tell me to expect that any administrative process will take as long as it possibly can, and will be as convoluted in process as possible.  Super.  Meanwhile, as I wait to have the basic thing I need to feel like I can even really get started on the basics of life here my frustration grows.  I have not felt this limited for a very, very long time, and it's not a comfortable thing at all for an independently minded girl like myself to feel so *un* self-sufficient.  So my strategy is to distract myself from the waiting with activities that will help to build my skills for when I finally do get the green-light, as far as legitimately being a participant in the Belgian economy goes.

So far the only thing I can say this experience is truly allowing me to practice for the moment is this: my patience.

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