Sunday, January 4, 2009

Upping the pace on Destuffination

Since the airline will only let me take 2 suitcases, a laptop and a carry-on, I'm getting my luggage plopped out, and figuring out what would go with me, and what would just "go."

I do have a place to store my stuff, but honestly I'd rather just not worry about it while gone, sooo...

I'll be trying to rid myself of much of my worldly belongings at this site (link now disabled), along with a few other places.  My approach to destuffination at this point is kicking into a more aggressive mode as I have 88 days to pretty much compress my entire physical existence into a few bags.

If you want something, or you're just curious to see what I feel I can live without, check it out.  It'll change as I go through each room with a finer and finer toothed comb, making the 'stay-or-go' decisions.  (How it works is explained there.)

I just want to find things good homes if I can... maybe I can help you while you help me?

If I haven't spoken with you yet, but you'd be happy to 'babysit' an item for me (meaning you hold onto it and agree that if you use it, you'll do so with care,) please let me know too.

Wow, :)  Who knew cleaning out your life could be so ... neat?

*EDIT: (March 7th) = DONE!  What's gone is gone.

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