Friday, January 2, 2009


If you see a picture of me at the top-ish-right-ish area of this page, then you've arrived!

You may be here because I told you I was here, but if you're here by random chance, feel free to keep reading if you like.

I've never been fabulous about keeping in touch, and that's part of why I created this blog: The goal here is to be communicative with friends, family, and whoever else has something to say!

Right now, my plan is to spend a year in Belgium on a working holiday visa.  In an ideal world, I'd have the chance to work for a great pâtissier or chocolatier while there, and my French would improve markedly.  But this is not an ideal world, is it?  The truth is I have no idea what I'm heading into, but I have the chance to do this now and I know I'd always be wondering "what if" if I didn't try for it.  So here I am, waiting to hear back about my visa request, and wondering occasionally if I haven't lost my mind.

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